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    Our Sunday worship service will begin at 10.30am from October 2nd onwards



  • 52 ANNIVERSARY (1970-2022)


  • The 32nd Mission Month

    20 LOR AH SOO SINGAPORE 536698

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    2022 Second Half Year Devotion

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Change of Worship Service Timing from October Onwards

From 2nd October, our worship service will revert back to begin at 10.30am. To reduce traffic congestion during the short turnaround time with the earlier service, there is a need to coordinate the usage of the church parking spaces. Please contact our administrative staff if you wish to use the church car parks. Or use the link below to register:


Witnessing Christ, Keeping up with the Times

In Sep 2022 we had held the 32nd Annual Mission Conference. I would like to suggest to you to ponder over these questions as a quest to understand more about the theme: “Witnessing Christ, Keeping up with the Times”.

1. Christians are now living in the post COVID-19 era. The new normal requires us to be both resilient and adaptable. How should the church make adjustments in relation to the Gospel and its mission?

2. As our pioneer generation gets older, how should LCC strengthen our capacity to mobilize the next generation for long-term missions?

3. Covid-19 has accelerated the digital innovation. Inevitably, digitalization is radically changing both the methods and conditions of missions. One of the questions we need to address is how God’s mission would impact the digital culture.

4. The hostility of the secular world towards the church and Christian values is growing radical. In this context, how can we be a witness of Christ?

“Keeping up with the times” is not merely about analyzing and understanding how the world is changing. Instead, we are to discern God’s missional heart for our church, and to discern God’s guidance as to which kind of work we can participate in as an individual. It is only when we are living in God’s will and in His time that we can ensure that we are on the same page, both as individuals and as a congregation, working towards Missio Dei, the Mission of God in our age.

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